The opportunity to enjoy your beautiful skin as
“Perfect x Simple” philosophy.

Only the finest, purest and highly effective ingredients are used
Free from unnecessary additives, alcohol, colorant, fragrance and mineral oil.

No more pimples & oily skin.
Absolute treatment for a clear, smooth
and healthy complexion.

Advanced Acnoplex formula with 4X fighting power

Nourish your lips
and color up

With a fun way of fruity flavors


For maintaining healthy and youthful lips
keeping lips soft and
long-lasting hydrated

Suitable for sensitive skin – any gender, any age

An Ultimate Protection
to Beat the Sun

Suitable for all outdoor activities

Medicated Anti – dandruff shampoo

Contains active ingredients with Selenium Sulfide 2.5%
For Dandruff Tinea Versicolor and Seborrheic Dermatitis

Mild beeswax for
all family members.